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This web page has been created as a collection of links for the flipped classroom as well as videos for mathematics instruction.
Flipped Learning Web site
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I follow hashtags #flipclass and #flippedclass which both provide many resources.

The power of using videos is "rewindable" learning. Students do not always learn the first time. Videos allow the learner to rewind and watch as many times as they want at any time they want. Student created video allow students to reaching the highest level of learning by teaching others.

Using Videos in the Classroom

  • To create student interest, something Cathy Seeley, former NCTM president, call "Upside Down Teaching." Dan Meyer is also a master of using this with students. For more links and information go "Upside Down Teaching."
  • "Flip Your Class" in the simplest form involves having students watch videos as homework and then class time is spent with the teachers working to develop student understanding.
    • Consider "flipped lessons" rather than "flipped classroom."
  • Student Created Videos--have your students create video to increase their understanding of concepts and provide resources for other students.

Dan Meyer's Blog post reflects on Kahn Academy use and effectiveness.
From "SchoolHouse Rock" to YouTube: How video in schools has changed teaching
School-technology specialist Patrick Ledesma reflects in this blog post how the use of video in schools has changed in the past four decades. Ledesma looks back at the "SchoolHouse Rock" videos from the 1970s and 1980s, the evolution from the VCR to DVDs and the Internet in the early 2000s. Ledesma writes that today's students have many educational videos -- posted on YouTube and across the Internet -- at their disposal. The changes offer teachers the opportunity to act as facilitators for learning, rather than gatekeepers. Teacher Magazine/Leading from the Classroom blog (12/13)

A Flipped Journey Flipped learning looks different for everyone. I’ve seen it done successfully in so many different iterations. But for me, mixing the traditional definition of a flipped classroom with projects oriented toward deeper learning is what works best. Never again will I go back to the “old-school” way of lecture and worksheets. Learning can be fun — and it should be!

Flipped Classrooms

Getting Started

Flipping 1st grade

  • Grant Bachman and Michelle Anderson have been flipping their first grade classroom. Check out the videos on this YouTube Channel
  • Follow at @1stflipped @MichelleA_1st and @GABachman

Flipped Classroom Websites

Flipped Classroom apps/sites

Project Based Learning, PBL

Flipped PD

Interactive Video Hints

Student Created Videos

Videos to Create Student Interest

  • 10 Good Video Sources for Math Richard Byrne
  • Futures Channel—5 to 10 minutes videos on real world application of math, STEM and other content areas. You may also sign up for a weekly email with highlighted videos.
  • Math in TV and Movies
  • Teaching with Movies - $12/year to subscribe
  • Powers of 10 video can be found at http://blog.powersof10.com/
  • Search Math Parodies on YouTube (many available) Make sure to preview COMPLETELY first before showing to class.
  • Math in the Movies Each of the movies on this site has a math related idea and a corresponding worksheet. There are worksheets for EACH movie on this site. You will have to look up the clips on YouTube, but they can all be found easily. http://mathbits.com/mathbits/mathmovies/resourcelist.htm
  • TED Talks Mathemagic Amazing mental math calculations! Arthur Benjamin does mental math calculations at amazing speeds. He even talks through one of the calculations out loud to give you an idea how he does it. http://www.ted.com/talks/arthur_benjamin_does_mathemagic.html
  • A new video that can be purchased from PBS: Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII I am showing this while they study WWII in History...
  • Consider using songs to help student learn as well as create student interest.

Support of Flipped Learning

Video Sites

TED-Ed launches new site for video lessons: TED-Ed launched an educational website featuring lessons based on its original animated videos for grades K-12. Each lesson includes a three- to eight-minute video, multiple-choice quizzes, open-ended questions and links to related information. In addition, teachers can choose to "flip" the video and create customized lessons. TED-Ed's Lessons Worth Sharing beta version currently features video lessons on numerous topics. To get started, go to the TED-Ed site at this Internet address: http://ed.ted.com

Specific Math Videos